The MLLA Board of Directors would like to invite you to become members of our lake association. MLLA was founded on, and remains committed to, the principle of looking out for the best interests of Maceday and Lotus Lake riparians.

Early on, MLLA was largely responsible for having the "Waterford_Hills_Landfill” closed in October 1990. For those not familiar with the 55 acre landfill, the entrance was located on Gale Road. It was located west of Maceday Lake Road and was visible from as far away as M-59. The MLLA Board continuously works with the MDEQ, (formerly the DNR), for monitoring the closed landfill. We want to ensure proper maintenance and upkeep for the flare system, which burns off the methane gas. When the flare system malfunctions, there is a very foul odor making it unpleasant for our riparians. This will be an ongoing effort for many years.

Another great accomplishment of MLLA was to have the public access launch ramp manned by the DNR. Prior to the DNR, if the parking lot was full, boaters would launch their boats and park their tow vehicles and trailers along Williams Lake Road, down side streets or wherever they could find a parking spot. As one could imagine, this was a very unsafe situation both on and off the lake.

MLLA has financed a lake quality study every ten years since 1990. Past reports have shown that our lakes are some of the finest in Oakland County with a Water Quality Index between 92 and 98 percent for Maceday Lake and between 91 and 97 percent for Lotus Lake. These high Water Quality Indexes do not go unnoticed as the DNR stocks our lakes with rainbow trout and splake (a specled and lake trout hybrid) and last fall a Northern Michigan hatchery stocked our lakes with thousands of mature trout.

MLLA supports a subcommittee called “Friends of the Lake” (FOTL). This committee hosts meetings for riparians promoting safe ways to have a beautiful lawn without using the fertilizers that are harmful to the lakes.

Individuals on the MLLA Board initiated and won a class action lawsuit against the Cadillac Asphalt Plant located North of our lakes on White Lake Road. The positive results from this lawsuit have greatly reduced the noxious odors emitted from the plant.

The Social Committee sponsored by the MLLA Board hosts numerous events on the lake year round. The biggest event being the Fourth of July fireworks, which is renowned in the Waterford area as one of the best. Our Fourth of July weekend activities include a children’s bike parade, boat parade, fireworks and a breakfast flotilla. This event is totally funded by donations.

The MLLA board publishes a newsletter for ongoing lake concerns, updates on various topics, as well as social events. The newsletter also provides contacts for services such as baby sitters, dog sitters, yard work, items lost or found and board and committee members contact information. We also have a web-site at

To kick off summer the MLLA Board hosts the annual pig roast held every May at the Mountain View Clubhouse located on Maiden Rd. This event is FREE to all MLLA members. We definitely cannot forget our famous breakfast with Santa also held at Mountain View provided free to all attendees.

All of these things help to keep our property values high as well as protect and maintain our beautiful lakes. Please consider becoming an MLLA Member, as we need your support!!